Kipkosgei Magut, Founder

Competitive running was never my thing. In my tribe, running is just a part of life; a means of getting to and from school in the rustic hills of Western Kenya, 7000 feet above sea level. In 2004 to 2005, a worldly village elder, Noah Biama, opened my eyes to the value of running- from the village school to a future in America- a place he had never seen. Initially skeptical about my prospects, I started training. Diligently. With the guidance of some elite runners from my community, I ran towards my future. In 2006 the dream came true and I was on my way to America with a full running scholarship to Belmont University and a lifetime love for both recreational and competitive running.

I started Tribendurance out of frustration. As a runner from an agrarian community in Kenya, I was accustomed to a nutrient-dense diet and upon coming to the United States, was unable to find healthy nutrition products for athletes. I researched the current energy product market and found that my frustrations aligned with about 60% of US athletes and people wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle, yet to date, options for nutrient dense, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, non-GMO and low-sugar nutrition products remain limited. This unique market niche, coupled with my interest to improve access to global markets for Kenyan farmers, promote good-earth farming practices, grow the market for value-added farm products, close the farm to table gap, promote health and wellness led to the formation of Tribendurance. Our success will change the nutrition product market while simultaneously creating a market for indigenous Kenyan farmers from my community and promoting responsible land use.